How to Paint a Fiberglass Exterior Door

Fiberglass exterior doors are popular among homeowners due to their durability, low upkeep requirements, and aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, over time, the paint on these doors may start peeling, flaking, or chipping away, leaving your exterior unattractive. Fortunately, painting a fiberglass exterior door is an easy and economical way to restore its aesthetic value and protect it from environmental elements. Here’s how:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

This is the first step. Before you begin painting your fiberglass exterior door, gather all the necessary supplies. You will require a bucket, sponge, detergent solution, sandpaper, painter’s tape, and brush/roller combo for even coverage; primer and paint specifically made for fiberglass surfaces are also essential! You must select high-quality paint and primer to guarantee long-term success.

Step 2: Clean the Door

The initial step in painting your fiberglass exterior door is cleaning it thoroughly with a sponge and detergent solution. Use this solution to remove dirt, grime, or debris from the door’s surface. Rinse with clean water, then allow it to dry completely – ensure everything is completely dry before beginning sanding.

If the door has are any persistent staining or marks at the entrance, apply a mild Abrasive cleaner or sandpaper gently clean them off. Be careful not to damage the surface of the door while cleaning it.

Step 3: Sand the Door

The next step is to sand the surface of a fiberglass door to create an even texture, so that primer and paint adhere better. Use fine-grit sandpaper in circular motions over the door, covering all surface areas. Finally, wipe away any dust or debris with a clean, dry cloth after completing sanding.

Step 4: Apply Primer

After sanding the door, it’s time to apply primer. Either with a paintbrush or roller, evenly coat all exposed areas of the door using primer according to the manufacturer’s instructions in thin layers, then allow to dry completely before moving on with this step.

Step 5: Paint the Door

After the primer has been dried, it’s the time for you to spray paint your outdoor fiberglass door with a paint that is specifically made for the fiberglass surface. Apply with either a brush or roller in thin, even coats, allowing each layer of paint to dry completely before applying another. At least two coats should be applied to achieve full coverage and long-lasting results.

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When painting in direct sunlight, work on one side of the door at a time to prevent paint from drying too quickly. Furthermore, remove any painter’s tape before the paint dries to prevent peeling or chipping.

Step 6: Allow the Paint to Dries

Once you apply the final coat of paint, allow your door to dry completely. This may take several hours or overnight, depending on the type of paint and weather conditions.